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ASUS GL704 Gaming Laptop Deals

ASUS GL704 Gaming Laptop Deals

With up to the latest NVIDIA GeForce RTX GPUs and the incredible 8th Gen Intel COre i7 processors the ASUS ROG Strix GL704 brings you even more power and exceptional style to your gaming world. The GL704 boasts an immaculate 144Hz super thin bezel display and a 3ms response time to give you the greatest in game immersion no matter what game you're playing. This Windows 10 Pro gaming beast offers even more features like the exclusive HyperCool Pro cooling system that will allow you to game harder for longer without your system overheating or your performance to drop.

The ASUS GL704 is truly a desktop replacement with the incredible specs in a surprisingly thin construction giving you the ability to game like the best no matter where you are. Don't let the desktop PCs have all the fun with Ray Tracing when you can have it on the go. Experience what it really means to take your adventure with you.

The HyperCool Pro Thermal system helps the GL704 get the most performance out of your CPU and GPU no matter what the load may be. With a brilliant extended cooling plate to help spread the heat across evenly and two high performance 12V fans to push out the best airflow possible. HyperCool also includes the patented Anti-Dustsystem that expels dust particles and dirt to improve the reliability and longevity of your system.


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BEST ASUS GL704 Gaming Laptop Deals In South Africa

When you have fast reactions and need a keyboard to accurately depics every movement and keystroke accurately thats where ASUS has you covered. The HyperStrike Pro technology puts all the control right at your fingertips. With hot-keys, customizable RGB backlighting and ergonomic 0.25mm-deep keycap curves for an excellent gaming and typing experience. Exclusive to ASUS, Overstroke technology allows for faster and effortless keystrokes that will increase your actions per minute. Anti-Ghosting and N-key rollover are also included in the ASUS Gl704 gaming keyboard. With a lifespan of 20 million clicks, the GL704 has one of the most durable gaming keyboards in a laptop.

Get your hands on this amazing gaming marvel and feel the realism captivate you through the ultra thin bezels. Evetech, where your dreams become a reality.

ASUS GL704 Gaming Laptop Deals