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ASUS GX531 Gaming Laptop Deals

ASUS GX531 Gaming Laptop Deals

The ASUS ROG Zephyrus S gaming laptop, the new standard to portable gaming. The original Zephyrus redefined the ultra slim gaming beasts and now the Zephyrus S takes it a step further. With a slimmer design, super narrow bezels and innovative technology within the gaming monster.

With the clever design and the most premium craftsmanship on the market is necessary to bring you the most compact and powerful desktop replacement that you could ever imagine. With the metal chassis and the CNC- milled unibody lid the Zephyrus S will not only be thin enough to go with you on your everyday adventures but is strong enough to take heavy knocks anywhere you go! You can trust that your svelte partner in crime will be able to handle even the toughest conditions. This machine can turn from a sleeping giant to a raging gaming monster in a split second.

With a gaming machine capable destroying desktops, you need a brilliant, vibrant display in order to showcase the excellent performance in game. With an incredible 144Hz panel boasting a staggering 3ms response time and a 100% sRGB GAMUT you can rest assured knowing that you will see every single one of your foes as clear as day!


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BEST ASUS GX531 Gaming Laptop Deals In South Africa

When the battle heats up it is important to stay cool under pressure, but there is no need for you to worry, your Zephyrus S has got your back. With self-cleaning anti-dust fans with an amazing 83 blades on each fan there is no ways that this gaming beast will crack under the pressure.

Become a gaming God with the Zephyrus S Gaming laptop by ASUS. It will be difficult to beat the best, especially when you have ASUS by your side!

ASUS GX531 Gaming Laptop Deals