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Dell XPS 15 Laptop deals

Dell XPS 15 Laptop Deals

Fuel your wildest creations

Introducing one of the smallest notebooks ever made by Dell, the XPS laptops. A virtually endless and borderless InfinityEdge screen maximizes your screen real estate by squeezing the 39,6cm screen, with a bezel of only 5.2mm thin, you can get lost in this gorgeous display.

The display is a stunning UltraSharp OLED+ 3.5K with a resolution of 3456x2160 InfinityEdgeTouch Anti-Glare 400-Nit Display. With gorgeous colours and epic brightness, you can have the pleasure of viewing content at nearly every angle, clearly. The display is also a touch-friendly display that you can tap, swipe, and pinch your way around.

CES recognized the XPS 15 as a 2018 Innovation Awards Honoree in the Computer Hardware and Components category. Dell was also honoured to receive a 2018 CES "Best of Innovation" Award in the category of Eco-design and Sustainable Technologies for our Recycled Ocean Plastics Packaging on the silver XPS 15 laptop.

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Best Dell XPS 13 Laptop Deals In South Africa

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The days have gone where thin, sleek elegant laptops come with any sort of limitations. The HP ENVY 13 is remarkably powerful with a gorgeous sleek look, with the potential to deliver inspiring portability.


With staggeringly high battery life, you will be able to work much harder for longer in one sitting. The ultra-fast PCIe SSD with the latest Intel Core processor coupled together make for unrivaled performance. Even the most demanding tasks don't stand a chance against the incredible hardware in the HP 13 ENVY. performance and a thin structure go hand in hand.



Here are the top 5 reasons why you should buy a Dell XPS 13 Laptops:


  1. Latest Hardware: Packed with the latest Intel Core processors and other hardware, you can have the confidence that your Dell XPS 13 Laptop will stand the test of time. Take on just about any task that dares stand in your way, with this combination of hardware and aesthetic, nothing can stand in your way.


  3. Thin, Sleek, Perfect: Who said that thin and light would come with limitations? The Envy 13 is a sleek but exceptionally powerful portable device that can do everything that most other remarkable gaming laptops can do and more.


  5. Extended Battery Life: You can get an astonishing 13 hours + on a single charge allowing you to game longer and work harder, no matter where you may find yourself. Combine the outstanding battery life with the elite hardware found in the chassis and you have one hard-hitting, long-lasting gaming machine.


  7. The Perfect Performance: You deserve the best performance possible from your portable gaming machine. The wicked fast SSDs will halve your boot time letting you get to what is more important, faster. You deserve the greatest working, and gaming experience that any versatile and portable machine can offer you. You get all of that with the HP Envy 13.


  9. A Versatile Machine: No matter where you are, no matter what you do, you will find the HP Envy 13 match you pound for pound. Take your gaming on the go and experience your adventure wherever you want to. There is no longer a need to have a bulk desktop setup when you can have the power of a desktop in the palm of your hand.