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HP GTX 1050 Gaming Laptop Deals

HP GTX 1050 Gaming Laptop Deals

If you are a casual gamer and you are searching for an all-round laptop to the game and fly through projects, the HP GTX 1050 Gaming Laptop is the answer.

A collaborative force between HP and Nvidia to bring you an excellent showcase of both performance and functionality. Take your gaming laptop on the move, play or work from any location and you are guaranteed a satisfactory result.

With the sublime design of the HP laptops, you will be surprised at not only the performance from the GTX 1050 but the practicality too. If you are in the office, using the laptop to take notes on future projects, or at your friend's house for a casual LAN. It will perform exactly the way you need it to.

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BEST HP 1050 Gaming Laptop Deals In South Africa

BEST HP 1050 Gaming Laptop Deals In South Africa


Here are the top 5 reasons why you should get an HP 1050 Gaming Laptop:


  1. Simple Elegance: HP laptops have always had amazing, simple designs that have allowed their users to take their gaming laptops wherever they need to. Whether you are in the office or at a friend's house for a LAN, the HP 1050 gaming laptop will fit the part perfectly.


  3. Balanced Performance: If it is a balance of performance between your everyday work-oriented tasks to high-intensity gaming in the evening then the HP 1050 Gaming Laptop is precisely the weapon you need. Finally, gaming at 1080p with 60fps will be nice and easy. Take your gaming to the next level with HP.


  5. Reliable, Portable, Rugged: HP is known for having reliable and well-built gaming laptops that will ensure you get the most out of your laptop. The HP 1050 gaming laptops have a rugged build quality without sacrificing the aesthetics of the laptop. When you need a gaming laptop to take the knocks on bruises while you’re on the move, HP 1050 gaming laptops is exactly what you need.


  7. Powered for Work, Ready for Play: Even though the HP 1050 is designed to give you an amazing in-game experience. You can take your laptop anywhere and everywhere that you go. If you are in the workplace, at home or playing at your friends place. You will always have the power needed to tackle every task.


  9. Extended battery life: The innovative technology that we have in the PC and laptop world right now, we are able to experience double the amount of screen time on one battery. No more having to ensure you are close to a plug point 24/7 when you are working remotely. Trust your Core i3 laptop by HP to have your back, even in the wilderness.