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Lenovo Y740 Gaming Laptop Deals

Lenovo Y740 Gaming Laptop Deals

When you are looking for a laptop that combines raw power with easy portability, then the Lenovo Y740 is the gaming laptop that you need.

Lenovo Legion has evolved, satisfying the needs of gamers today - stylish on the outside and savage on the inside. Housing some of the most impressive hardware specs inside the gorgeous chassis, you can finally take your gaming to the max, on the go.

The Y740 Laptop has a sublime screen that provides you with near-edgeless display experience. Focus more on the game and less on the distracting bezels that are found on every other laptop. Fully immerse yourself with the Lenovo Y740.

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Best Lenovo Y740 Gaming Laptop Deals In South Africa

Best Lenovo Y740 Gaming Laptop Deals


Here are the top 5 reasons why you should get a Lenovo Y740 gaming laptop:


  1. Portability: A laptop is defined by its weight, form factor, and its size in general. Lenovo has been making outstanding portable laptops for years, displaying sublime quality and premium materials moulding together to form a unique amalgam of inventiveness, and portability!


  3. Maximum Power, Minimum Heat: Despite the roaring performance under the hood, the Y740 will stay cool under pressure. The dual-channel thermal system allows for optimum cooling even during your most cumbersome battles. A quieter, more efficient cooling design, cooling your CPU and your GPU independently. Four thermal vents for optimal airflow and 68 individual fan blades per channel to reduce all the fan noise. Play longer, quieter, cooler.


  5. Advanced Graphics: A CPU is only half the story. Premium gaming requires a premium GPU, and boy does Lenovo deliver! Offering some of the best ranges of GPUs that the market has to offer, these laptops pack a punch. Delve into the latest games head-on as your Lenovo Gaming Laptop maintains steady, stable frame rates for the best gaming experience possible.


  7. Take your game to the next level: when you need to elevate your game to the next level, hit the craziest flicks and mimick your opponents' movements with your own, then you need the best in class gaming control. That is precisely what you get with the Lenovo Y740 keyboard. A full-sized keyboard, 100% anti-ghosting, the ability to use the iCue software from Corsair for all the RGB lighting, and a 1 ms response time. Lenovo is the way to take your game to the next level when you are on the go. A portable gaming desktop to give you the perfect tools to defeat your opponents. Lenovo Legion, game effortlessly.


  9. Dolby Premium Audio: An excellent game deserves equally immersive sound. Lenovo Gaming Laptops come equipped with powerful Harman Kardon Speakers with Dolby Premium Audio, enhancing every little sound, providing a real, immersive gaming experience. Never compromise on the things that make your gaming experience infinitely better.