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GP Series - World'd Thinnest & Lightest Gaming Laptops

GP Series - Suit Up. Gear Up.

Looking for the sweet spot between performance and price? MSI’s GP Series of Gaming Laptops are built for you! As always, MSI has delivered yet another top-notch series of laptops, cementing their place as the No. 1 Gaming Laptop brand in the world. Carefully combining great designs and powerful hardware, the MSI GP Series Gaming Laptops are perfect for those who want a portable gaming option or a mobile workstation that can take care of business as usual.

Both 15.6” (GP63) and 17.3” (GP73) screen sizes are available – choose what matters most to you. While people who prefer portability will find the 15.6” option a handy choice, those who cannot compromise on visuals and need a large screen will love the 17.3” variant.

Every MSI GP Gaming Laptop is powered by an Nvidia GTX 1060 and an 8th Generation Intel Core Processor. The brand-new processors from Intel deliver an astounding 50% boost to performance over the last generation – giving you more than enough power to tackle intensive tasks on-the-go.

Enjoy the best deals throughout South Africa when you buy an MSI GP Series Gaming Laptop from Evetech! What’s more. If you find a lower price than what we offer, we’ll match it for you under our PriceMatch Guarantee because you deserve the very best prices along with the best shopping experience available in South Africa.

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GP Series - World'd Thinnest & Lightest Gaming Laptops